There’s this one time when I read an article about what your doodles really say about you which was published by Dailymail.

I read that there are so many different figures that people doodle; like stars, faces, chess board, flowers, hearts, patterns, ladders, stick figure, zigzag and house.

That is when it struck me, I doodle house all the time.

like, If I find even a small space in a copy or paper I draw a house. It’s always the same, a one-story house with a thatched roof and cute little doors and windows.

I draw compound with a small gate as well. I always have admired houses with compounds.

My friends, I never saw them drawing house ,they always doodled hearts,zigzag making a pattern, flowers and lines. I never drew any of these figures my hand always went out for the kind of house I have described earlier.

So I read in that article why people doodle house and I found out that people who draw house seeks a secure a home-life.

Somehow I felt this fact so true and relatable because when I was seventeen my mom and dad built a very beautiful house for our family.

It was a great deal to us because we family of  four lived in a small room before. That small room was our bedroom,living room,kitchen, well  everything. We did everything there.

In fact my childhood was spent there fighting with my younger sister,playing,studying, everything ! Because we all lived in that small room I never really bothered to invite my friends to my house because I felt so ashamed.

They had big houses and everything so I didn’t invite them. so you can assume when my parents decided to build our house of our own how happy I was.

Everything was rainbows and colors when my house started to construct.  My new house was three and a half  story and I had my own room. I always told my father that I would get to choose the color of the walls of my room. So I chose a Maroon red color for my walls. Maroon red because I always had a thing for photography and I thought it would look exotic if I were to do photo-shoots in there.

I loved my very new,biggg house. I invited my best-friends for sleepover and fulfilled  my every desires of having a house of my own. Every brick, Every plaster, was made from my parent’s whole life savings.

My mother sold all her jewelry  in order to built that home. My father  spent awful lot of time checking the construction of the house. We had to take some loan because we didn’t have enough money and that loan was the reason why we also had to sell that house.

My father couldn’t pay out the  debt  as he lost his one secured job because his boss didn’t supported the idea to built a new house. When my parents told me and my sister that we had to sell it, our whole world was turned upside down again.

At that point  in my life I felt I was the most  unlucky kid in this Topsy-turvy world. I always cried alone in my room thinking I had to leave the house where I stayed barely a year.

I was in love with every corridor,nooks and corner of my house. Even though I was shattered that we had to sell our new house I never cried in front of my parents. I knew that they had a lot greater amount of emotions attached to the house than I had. They had put a much greater effort to built our house. So I always thought to cry in front of them was to make them cry .

 I always acted like I was strong and told  my parent’s that I’ll work hard and make them a house even more beautiful than that. They always smiled and felt proud. I guess this is the reason why I doodle houses.

I guess my subconscious dwells in this desire to make a house for my family where my family’s legacy will live for forever and ever which will never have to get sold.

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  1. Bindiya says:

    I loved it. Like so much.

    1. Thank you for reading it ❤️

  2. srijan says:

    so, now you’re all grown up and probably earning? so, why dont you buy that house?

    1. Young and still broke, unfortunately.

      1. srijan says:

        that’s absolutely fine, beautiful as long as you’re working towards something or like your dream! are you? 🙂

  3. My crowd on Google+ would find value in this article. May I share with them?

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