Humans are the real Demons and the Gods are hiding from us.

Our guardians always told us to believe in god.

Faced gods or the faceless ones doesn’t matter. Hold your two hands near your heart and wish for all the perky stuff you want in your life in front of a stone molded with a face.

Before you read any further I would like to clear out your assumption that this article neither supports the idea of being atheist nor theist. In-fact I don’t have the mere idea about what to believe, what not to believe & who to believe and to whom we cannot believe.

Have you ever wondered why gods are mentioned  in  the tales and holy books only ? Why there are no evidences of the fact that there is the presence of superior healing powers?

If you want to hear my theory, I think that we are the real demons and we have invaded the earth. Where as the gods are so frightened with our demonic activities they are compelled to hide from us.

We are the experiments of god which went wrong. Horribly if I may say.

Gods who are supposed to be the saviors for the other creatures,who they gave life to along with humans are hiding from us because of the cruelty that we create.

I’ll let you evaluate yourself for how much cruel you are okay?

This beautiful topography of earth doesn’t belong solely to us, yet we selfishly use all the gifts provided by the earth all to ourselves.

We bully them just because we think we are the most intellectual creature in this world. Bullying them,prodding them, experimenting on them, cutting them  and eating them is all we have been doing shamelessly for years and still we think that we are the most intellectual craetures among all.

Forgive my impertinence because I have been writing all the bad stuff about human being a human.

But humanity is the only thing missing from the word human. All I am trying to suggest is the air that we breathe is not only for us, the land that we walk in is not only for two-legged creatures like us but for all those four pawed friends.

C’mon dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that seeks love or attention. Our lungs aren’t the only lungs which needs clean air. The heart is different chambered but still the love that all the creatures feel is the same.

Give more and do not take from anyone. The saddest part of being a human is we have conquered the world from creatures who speaks different language and yet we are not stopping at all.

We fight among ourselves now. Human to Human war.

look around, the world is cracking.

Still, we search for gods when you can count blessing from those who you helped.

Coin that we throw inside the temples loses its value, instead, give it  to them who hasn’t eaten for days. When they’ll feel thankful towards you that is where true blessings are originates

Feed your soul more about the surroundings rather than lurking in the footsteps of tales, and tradition created centuries ago.

Cause that time is long gone and we don’t live in that time anymore.

Help defines satisfaction, which is far better feeling than to be blessed. That is what matters the most now. We all are seeking the help and gods cannot provide that to us.

We need to find the help all by ourselves and if we find it we shall pass it to others and one day help shall heal.

Remember we, humans are the demons and gods are nowhere to be found.

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