Nepal’s Kalinchowk Temple; Heaven on earth.

For backpackers and those who love to go on a trek which is short and inexpensive but full of wonders and excitement, I recommend trek to kalinchowk. As for my journey this is the most majestic place, I have ever traveled to. This trek was last minute planned, as my cousins called me if i wanted to go with them a day before they were going there. My friends, they already visited that place and told me it was beautiful place one should never miss out. Plus they said it was snowing there. So for a person who have never witnessed snow ever in her life what more reason did she need to take this trek. Without even thinking twice, I told them I will also be going and that was it.  I went to Bhaktapur first because my cousins are from there and they had reserved a bus over there. We headed at 4 a.m early in the morning in order to visit Palanchoke Bhagwati temple as well. Since the route was long we wanted to take blessings from Palanchoke goddess for our safe trip.We stopped at that temple had some breakfast and we were back on track. The road was pretty good up to Dolalghat so far but as soon as we entered the road of Khadichowr, it was bumpy and deteriorated. After the bumpy ride through Khadichowr, the road let to Mudhey. Mudhey is the place where you can take a break from long bus rides and stop by for a lunch because there are a lot of eatery. After having a minimal lunch there, the next place was Kharidhunga. You can witness tons & tons of limestone on the way there. The road was a lot bumpier there but since we were travelling via bus we surpassed it without much trouble. At around 2 we reached Charikot. We did not stay at any hotels in Charikot but went straight to Dolkha. Dolkha is a famous district of Nepal which is known for its temple known as Bhimeshowr temple, which is noted as one of the most popular go-to religious place. So in order to visit that temple as well, we stayed at Dolkha in a guest house which was near to the premises of the temple. The good thing that happened was the guest house where we stayed had a four wheel jeep which  was used for taking tourists like us for the tour to kalinchowk. So we booked the jeep and planned to go Kalinchowk the other day.

Day 2

We woke up early in the morning at 3 a.m, packed our backs. At around 4 a.m we left Dolkha on jeep. So the route to kalinchowk is ;


The kalinchowk temple is 18 km away from charikot. As I have mentioned earlier i had never seen or felt snow ever in my life so when we were going further I saw chunks of snow everywhere sticking to the ground. I was more than happy to watch that. The four wheel couldn’t go further because of frosted snow so we walked from there up to kuri. It was 1 km form the point where the jeep dropped us to Kuri. We hiked all the way up to the valley . Who could believe that behind all the rendezvous mountains there is a small but beautiful valley where people were living their own kind of lifestyle. It was around 5:30 a.m when we reached there. If you want to stay in Kuri and hike to the temple the other day, you can find numbers of lodges to check in. As for us, we planned to reach kalinchowk temple that day only. Kalinchowk is situated at 3700m. It was harder for us to walk because of the snow sticking everywhere on the ground, but despite all that, the view from up there was sooo worth it.Around 7:30 am we reached the temple. We stayed up there for a while, adoring the scenes, prayed for a while thanking the god. At the spur of moment I felt alive more than ever. The sun was gleaming when we were at the top of the temple. Around 8:30 a.m we headed back to to kuri. Because of the sun, the snow was melting making us even harder to walk downhill. I slipped couple of times. On our way back, a lot of people were just about to hike up to the temple. We gave our sticks to them because we knew they would need it. At 10 a.m we stayed for a while at kuri. People were playing snow fights, making snow mans and I was still questioning about the beauty that nature holds. This is the place where people will forget their struggles, their hardships of their life and focus only on  the part how nature can be that beautiful. We headed back to the place where our jeep was placed. This trek made me realize that truly heaven is a myth but Nepal is real. So much more places to  explore.

This is the beautiful small valley Kuri.
some of more pictures of Kuri
some of more pictures of Kuri
way to the kalinchowk temple.
These are memorial stupas locals built honoring their ancestors… I made one to honoring my ancestors.
3500 meters we reached.
ongoing route to the temple.
what a sight of snow fed hills !!!
receiving blessings from the goddess, I’d say.
path to go back to kuri from the temple.
up there is the temple.
planchoke bhagwati
Sun almost about to rise. At palanchoke Bhagwati
Tranquility at Dolkha.
dolkha 2
God in a tree at Dolkha.

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