Picasso Earrings

Abstract Art is vivid, honestly, modestly just abstract.

Don’t you think so?

I can stare at just any art for as long as I need until my patience of comprehending stays on!   

Always Starry-eyed to see just lines, shapes and forms taking an image of art.  It simply feels like a void but confronts you about things you never thought about.

 Abstract art has been around since we were cavemen.

 Now, contemporary artists have leveled up their work in making these simple, mimimal, elequoent suitable for any ocassion Picasso earrings. 

Picasso earrings_ Girlmeetsworld

Like the Abstract art allows the viewer to decide what the artwork is about, these picasso earrings also does the same on a very personal level. 

 To cut it short, I can’t keep my hands off to these super choffed Picasso- surrealistic earrings. Total Work of art ✔

Inspired by Terracotta series created by Picasso in the 1970’s, these earrings wash off the dust of daily life of our souls.


Plaid Blazer: SheIn

Picasso Earrings: Kairos

Boyfriend Jeans/ H-neck: 
Antique Fashion Store

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