Spring 2019!!! It’s finally here

After being all cozied up in Cardigans and sweaters all winter and living in neutrals, Who’s not ready to bring some colors in their wardrobe this Spring?

For this blog, I will be writing about how I styled this casual yet comfortable and at the same time very springy as fuck outfit.

  Baby Blue Tank Top

Spring always calls for cute cami tops. Last Spring I stuck with the color black but this year around I’m bringing all the baby blues and pretty pastels. This cute cami was a major steal! I was wondering around the streets of Damak and this top caught my eye and the rest is history. Swift buy and there goes a perfect combination of summery and Spring outfit!

Cami Top is the real deal for the girls who locates herself in the itty bitty titty committee ;). There’s not much you need to worry about. Now, who’s cuter Nicki Minaj??? For the Pants, I picked this really cute white mom jeans. White calls for summery/ Spring mode and these pants totally go with the cami top!


WEARING: Cami Top: Deals and Steals, Tote Bagbend_the_trend_np , Mom Jeans: tsarmoire  , Shoes: Balenciaga

The most satisfied purchase I made this year got to be this cutest corduroy tote bag!!!! Can’t keep my hands off this bag! My whole life is inside it these days. Taking this Tote everywhere I go.


For the Shoes, I wanted to wear my VANs but Balenciaga has made it a better choice. I styled it with my mustard socks which I absoultely adore and there you go! A perfect blend of cute, sassy, spring casual look. You can take this look to your school, a luncheon or just a causal outing.

     Balenciaga Paired up with Mustard colored Socks

All of the Products are linked above. I hope you guys liked this blog post. Working on the consistency of posting. Much love XOXO.











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  1. Riya Shakya says:

    keep it up girl..really loved the blogpost…keep creating contents as such…much love ❤️😘😘

    1. Aishwarya Baidar says:

      Thank You, Much love Rio 🙂

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